Scientifically proven effectiveness

In just 30 days with an 8 hour use ADIPOTEX gets surprising results.

Thighs up to -1.5 cm
Waists up to -2 cm
Adipotex Triple action

The combination of the most effective active ingredients and the innovative encapsulated system of progressive release effectively combats the three main problems that cause cellulite and localised adiposity.

Caffeine is one of the most effective known natural lipolytic agents. In turn, the retinol and vitamin E stimulate and regenerate the natural supporting tissue of the skin which is essential for reducing the perimeter of a zone.

Lastly, aloe vera is mainly responsible for improving the microcirculation of adipose tissue to ensure oxygenation, nutrients for the tissues and the elimination of the waste products generated by the lipolytic agents.

By attacking the three problems simultaneously, Adipotex is a product that is truly effective in treating cellulite and localised fat.

Clinical study

  • Up to 2 cm reduction in hip measurement*
  • 65 % reduction in fat deposits*
  • Redensifying effect
  • 76% reducing efficacy*
Women satisfied after 30 days of use**
Oranje-Peel effect reduced63 %
Feel less tight jeans67 %
Notice lighter feel72 %
* Clinical test** Sensory test performed by an independent lab.