Guaranteed quality

Effective from the very first day. 100 washes hard-wearing.

Unlike most other cosmetic garments on the market, which put the cosmetic product in the garment once it is made using "baths" containing liquids, the Novarel Slim exclusive microcapsule technology incorporates the capsules during the spinning of the fibre and secures them on the inside and outside.

This patented process makes the Adipotex products the most effectiveintelligent textile garments for reducing the figure as well as the most long lasting and therefore the products that offer the best quality / price ratio.

Long Lasting = Better Value

Thanks to the exclusive Novarel Slim technology we can guarantee the presence of microencapsutaled active principles in the fabric after more than 100 washes.

If washed after every two days of use, an Adipotex garment can last for around 200 days. Almost 7 months of continuous effectiveness.

If to treat, for example, the abdomen, buttocks and full legs, we use a reduction cream cosmetic product, we would need at least 8 x 200ml pots for the same 7 months of treatment.

This would cost more than € 200.

For much less than this you can buy an Adipotex garment that as well as helping you save money, will let the active product penetrate the skin much more progressively and intensely and therefore will achieve much better results.