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Adipotex box

Adipotex is a revolutionary product which consists on a high-tech garment made of nylon microfiber that redefines your silhouette thanks to the action of microencapsulated active principles.

The intelligent fabric used in the product gradually releases the active principles which, as they penetrate the skin, quickly and easily reduce your figure.

Additionally, as this release takes place in a gradual and prolonged way, Adipotex is a product that is effective from the very first day and is also long lasting.

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Why choose Adipotex?

  • It firms the skin
  • It reduces your figure
  • It improves drainage
  • Effective for at least 100 washes
  • Adjusts to fit your figure
  • Comfortable, breathable and odourless
  • Extra thin and discreet

Scientifically proven effectiveness

In just 30 days with an 8 hour use ADIPOTEX gets surprising results.

Reduces waist up to 2cm
Reduces thighs up to 1.5cm

How does it work?

  1. The nylon microfiber NOVAREL SLIM, incorporates thousands of microcapsules in each filament.
  2. The friction of the fabric on the skin causes that microcapsules release their active principles.
  3. The penetration of active principles achieves a reduction of your contour quickly and easily.